Keystone Leather carries the highest quality vegetable tanned sole leather bends. 

We will cut Outsoles and Insoles in a wide range of sizes, grades, patterns and thicknesses.  Our Outsoles consistently maintain a desired heavy thickness and firmness with an exceptionally tight fiber structure.  We have many patterns available including our extra wide, double welt pattern.  While we have many options, Keystone Leather carries an Insole made from our oiled bends.  Our insoles are ideal for channeling, making them a favorite among shoe and boot makers.

The team at Keystone Leather handles many different steps of manufacturing for your needs. Following the cutting process, we have the ability to customize your final product in many ways. We are efficient in buffing, skiving, splitting and stamping. For any questions on further capabilities, give us a call or send an email to

Here at Keystone Leather, we will handle all of your shipping needs.  We take pride in exceptional service and a quick trunaround.  We are able to cut and process orders for shipment in as few as 3 days out of our factory in Williamsport, PA.  Call or email today to place orders.